About us - Good Governance

Our vision

Improving the quality of democracy and the rule of law in our country is the responsibility of each citizen and all of us. We are a non-governmental organization which aim is to enhance the quality of public administration and legal framework in the Czech Republic. We enforce the rules and principles for public administration based on internationally recognized standards and good practice models.

Centrum of Excellence for Good Governance is an independent apolitical think tank focused on promotion of democratic principles and functioning effective state of law.

We want to raise general awareness of the importance of professional public administration as well as the democratic and legal values ​​in civil society and among important decision and opinion makers.

Our partners are former Czech officials as well as civic activists and students who feel responsibility for further development of the Czech Republic. Our aim is to provide solutions for a reform of the Czech public administration by transferring the international practice in good governance to the Czech conditions. For this purpose, we publish policy papers, studies and articles and engage actively in policy advocacy. Furthermore, we prepare study programs in good governance. 

International standards

All of correct individual proposals and concepts should be based on quality, proven and internationally recognized principles. Within creation of our strategies and concepts, we use international standards describing the basic principles for the internal control system in public administration and its components. In the field of internal management and control system, you can find the most relevant information by the following international institutions dealing with this issue.




European commission